2 Girls Were Sexually Assaulted By A Man As His Parents Watched

Access Unlocked DFW Sunday November 24, 2019 According to reports a seventeen (17) and a fifteen (15) year-old girl, were sexually assaulted by forty (40) year-old Jared “JJ” Jauregui.

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Jared “JJ” Jauregui

The alleged incident took place in a San Antonio motel room, as their attacker’s parents fifty-four (54) Marie Yolanda Rios and sixty-four (64) year-old Garcia Jauregui watched.

Authorities were made aware of the situation, as the fifteen (15) year-old was picked up by the Balcones Heights police, and was under the influence of drugs.  The youth informed authorities Jauregui supplied meth to the two (2) teens and forced the girls to perform varies sexual acts, while he recorded the sexual assault with his mobile device.

JJ is being held on a $125,000 bail, while Rios and Pete Jauregui’s is set at $10,000.

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