Business Woman: Tiffani Monell a representative of Younique

  • What is the best part of working for yourself?
    • You have the ability to control your destiny! You can work 9 months out of the year and then spend the summers with your kids!!
    • You can put as much into your business as you want to get out – only need rent money – work just hard enough to make your rent!! Want a new car – go for it – work your business and it will pay off for you!!
  • What are the reasons you picked Younique over all of the Network Marketing companies out Tiffanithere?
    • I tried Younique 3D Mascara from a friends party and loved it!! I hosted a party and sold $900 in mascara in 5 days – I decided – why not make money off something I love!!
    • After carefully researching several companies, I was in love with Younique’s passions for Empowering women! Along with the fabulous commission plan, I was in!!  Younique is the only Direct Sales Company that pays directly after each sale!!  Within 3 hours of a sale, your commissions are paid!!  Low on funds and need gas money – make a few sales!!
  • What about the negativity everyone gives to network sales? Are they really Pyramid Schemes?
    • Great Question – No, Younique is NOT a pyramid scheme, in fact, most Direct Companies and legitimate companies!! In this day and age when computers and Internet is so prevalent in our lives, these companies have it figured out!!  Why not use a sales force that is already out there to sell products for you!!  Women are the best advertisers in the world!!  Have you ever received a pair of shoes you loved and showed them off on Facebook only to have friends ask “How can I get those”.  Network Sales is the same concept – Younique presenters are sharing what they love and making money while doing it!!
  • What’s the cost? Do you have monthly quotas?  Stock to carry?
    • The best part of Younique is sales are entirely on line. There is no stock to carry (unless you carry a few on-hand Mascaras for those “Mascara Emergencies”).  The only cost to a presenter is the $99 Presenter Kit.  It’s filled with fill size and sample sized products which allow the new presenter to try a variety of products!!
    • You also get a personalized Website with NO FEES!! You can see mine at! You get a back office full of training to get you started and if you join my team, you get a team of powerful women that love to encourage and help each other out!!

Here’s a little more information on Younique. 

What is Younique?  Younique is the first direct sales company to market and sell almost exclusively through the use of social media. Our pioneered Younique Virtual Parties bridge the huge world of social media and the traditional home party business model. A Younique Virtual Party has no limits to your reach or who you can invite. This makes it so the traditional home party is not even necessary unless you choose to do it. We provide the innovative and interactive tools and invite you to tap into your own resources and connections that you already have. Hosting a Younique Party is as easy as sharing a link!

Younique’s cosmetics development processes utilize scientific research to ensure that our products contain high quality ingredients that enrich and nourish the skin. The result is a beautifully efficacious product that is safely compatible with virtually every skin type.

TiffaniYounique begins by looking to Mother Nature for the inspiration behind our cosmetics. Our in-house scientific team then formulates a product that honors that inspiration while delivering cutting-edge cosmetics. Our goal is to provide healthy, clean, and pure cosmetics.

Be part of something big! If you have ever wanted to own your own business, set your own hours, and pursue your own income, this is the time to do it. Join the Younique family and share your passion for makeup and cosmetics with others.

Signing up has never been easier! Complete the simple online application, and we will send you your New Presenters Kit. By becoming a Younique Presenter, you have the opportunity to earn Instant Royalties (commissions), you have access to a community of people who love cosmetics like you, and everything can be done online.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Tiffani !!

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